Shovel Company

We are builders
Who build tools at the intersection of technology and real-world problems.
Working towards a positive-sum future.


*Winner of NDHM Healthathon 2020
AI Assisted Claim Processing for Health Insurance, Built to take advantage of NHS to make the claim process quick, easy, error-free & transparent


MemePlexMemeLords can mint NFTs for their creation, with proof of creation and ownership.
The NFTs can be traded in open marketplace, launched on Meme Creator Day.


CookieJarsMaking Saving Effortless & helping you achieve your saving goals faster.
Our AI detects "safe-to-save" amount and automatically routes it to correct Jar.

Simplify Healthcare

Simplify HealthcareDistills the key points to look for in health insurance, helping you pick the correct product to suits your needs


GocoronaA fun multiplayer game built to make people aware of the Corona Virus. The gameplay is shamelessly copied from the infamous Flappy Bird game


GoodMeetingsImproves the Efficiency of your remote meetings by keeping agenda, meeting notes &
time checks


SuperTraderCrypto MutualFund Marketplace, helping traders create a fund in seconds and enabling investors to have a portfolio managed by professionals

These products are prototypes,
designed for research and learning of shovel company


Shobhit SrivastavaFounded and Sold CodeIgnition, Previously SVP at Gojek.
Believes in drinking from the fountainhead.


Rishi AyyerPreviously EM @ McKinsey & Co. | ISB Class of 2016Believes that distinctive growth comes from happy teams, not vice-versa.


Prashant MittalPreviously, Head of Observability Platform at GojekBelieves in designing for failures.